The Lot 11 and Area Community

The Lot 11 and Area Watershed Management Group, Incorporated

Here are a few highlights of our group's work in 2014:

  • Opened and maintained the MacDonald's River Interpretive Trail
  • Began development of the Enmore River Interpretive Trail
  • Replaced a collapsing, hung culvert in East Foxley River
  • Mentored the Community/Watershed Summer Day Camp Program
  • Implemented the Community Aquatic Monitoring Program (CAMP) at the Enmore Estuary
  • Habitat restoration at seven area rivers
    • Planted 1000 trees/shrubs in riparian zones
    • Installed/maintained bank stabilizing brush mats
    • Removed 108 migratory barriers
    • Alder sucession management
  • Worked as mentors for, and learned as students from, neighboring watershed groups
  • Board-level involvement with the PEI Watershed Alliance and the Provincial Wildlife Management Fund
  • Participated in the Aquaculture Alliance 2014 Beach Sweep & Shoreline Clean Up

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Previous work

Please review all our annual reports under Publications

Looking forward to 2015

  • Sediment trap excavation: Enmore River
  • Sediment trap re-excavation: Foxley River East
  • Replace collapsing, under-sized culvert: Foxley River East
  • Continue development of the Enmore River Interpretive Trail
  • Continue to maintain, and make accessible, the MacDonald’s River Interpretive Trail
  • Provide the Watershed Day Camp for community youth
  • Continue to maintain, improve, and evaluate the riverine/riparian habitat of our ten managed geophysical watersheds through:
    • Native tree/shrub planting
    • Construction/maintenance of brushmat bank stabilizers
    • Correction of migratory barriers
    • Alder succession promotion


Our community approved our watershed management plan in April, 2011. Our work focuses on implementing specified strategies for realizing objectives of this plan:

  • Maintain a Practical-action Role for the group
  • Provide Public Information – Protection/Preservation of Watershed Resources
  • Promote Public Awareness and a Sense of Resource Ownership
  • Establish Monitoring of Drinking Water
  • Continue/Expand Resource Assessment – Forest, Wetland, and Wildlife Assets
  • Promote Resource Conservation
  • Conduct Resource Enhancement Projects
  • Preservation of Unique Cultural and Environmentally Significant Resources
  • Form Productive Alliances
  • Maintain and Expand Financial Resources

We thank all of our staff, volunteers, private and commercial supporters, WMF, WCF, EDA, Greening Spaces, Service Canada, our neighbouring groups, the PEI Watershed Alliance, the Lot 11 and Area Community Council, our MLAs, and the provincial departments of Communities, Land and Enviroment, Economic Development and Tourism, and Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy for making our year a success and our future possible. We also give special thanks to Atlantic Heating & Cooling Solutions, Ltd. and welcome them to our family of supporters.

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