The Lot 11 and Area Community

Municipal government has a responsibility to serve the health and welfare of its residents.

In recognition of its responsibilities, the Lot 11 and Area Community Council passed an Emergency Measures bylaw. This bylaw provides a framework for creating, funding, and maintaining an Emergency Measures Organization (EMO). It also provides for the development of an Emergency Measures Plan. Our organization worked closely with the Provincial Office of Public Safety and the National Defense (Joint Task Force Atlantic) Liason Officer in developing our emergency measures plan. Keeping it relevant and current is an ongoing process.

The Lot 11 EMO is not a first responder for critical emergency situations (fire, chemical spill, injury, etc.). The very first step in any critical emergency is to call 911. In these critical emergencies, the Lot 11 EMO works with the RCMP, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, and the Provincial Emergency Measures Organization to provide support services.

In emergencies that do not involve first response by outside agencies, our EMO has primary management responsibility.

What is Emergency Management?

Emergency Management is comprised of four phases:

  • Mitigation (Identify and manage risks)
  • Preparedness (Plan for action)
  • Response (Take action)
  • Recovery (Return to normal)

To learn more about municipal roles, please see the EMO Guide.

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